Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Who Missed The Train? And why ? Have You Ever Missed the Train?

Here Goes the story..

One of my friend, a very good friend was supposed to come from bangalore to visit me at chennai.I decided to give my friend a surprise, let me receive my friend at the station. The Problem starts. I do not Know which train my friend is coming .My Friend was not reachable at home or office .So how do I give the surprise.

I decided to take my chance, I decided to try my luck .I reached the Railway station by 8.00Pm .The Train From Bangalore was supposed to arrive by 8.30
I was filled up with hope ..I was anxious to meet my friend.

The Headlights of the Train Started beaming and the train started moving slowly into the platform .I was happy, I smiled at comes my friend . Passenger’s Started moving out of the train My Eagerness to meet my friend increased. I Scanned every face …Every face looked like my friend..But where is my friend? My Scanning became intense .The more I searched ..every one seemed to be my friend , BUT not my friend .

There was a war happening within me. Will my friend turn up or not?
Yes ….No…Yes …….No.., it went ON.The YES finally won .I said to myself my friend will come after all a friend will not bluff another . My thoughts went wild, sadness started creeping in me .I did not allow this to happen .I said to myself friend might be in the last compartment ,so it takes time to reach the main entrance..

One Old man was looked at me and smiling , he was also waiting for someone
may be his wife, maybe his son, may be his daughter or MAY be a Friend. As I looked around …I saw many faces reflecting the same feeling I had in my mind. We were all waiting, waiting for our loved ones to come

All the passengers were out….My friend was not among them .

I decided to wait till the next train arrives, the last train from bangalore …it was at 9.45pm, A big gap for another 35 Minutes …

The War again started, The War within me, I said to myself again and again MY FRIEND WILL COME.

I saw the old man again, we exchanged smiles it was a relieving one ,I Am sure for both of us .I saw many familiar faces ….The Same faces who were waiting .. Smile Started spreading among us, relief was seen on every ones face …Including mine.

The Headlights again started beaming and The train started slowly moving into the platform .I smiled at myself and said MY FRIEND is here in this train .

The Passengers started moving out , I started scanning all the faces ,MY FRIEND is still not to be seen

I saw the old man happy, he was hugging his son. I saw tears in many eyes ,tears because they are meeting their loved ones and some probably because their loved ones did not come . MY FRIEND too did not come. THEY MISSED THE TRAIN.

MY FRIEND did not come ,but I was still happy ,may be because I had hope alive in me …my faith was still strong…MY FRIEND would come. I drove back home, humming and singing the old melodies.

I enter my home and a smile beams at me…MY FRIEND


If your friendship is pure, Your friend will reach you.
If your faith is strong, you will find your friend, may be not in the train you are waiting for and may be not in the same face you are looking for…